Pre-wiring is all about beginning with the end in mind

Posted by Felipe Penaloza on

Pre-wiring is all about beginning with the end in mind. Building a new house can be expensive, and your ultimate goals for the house may not be in the initial budget. Lots of people like the idea of having speakers throughout the house, or being able to control all of the window treatments through their phone, or having a full surround sound system in their main viewing area, but because it’s not something that can be done right away, it often doesn’t get proper consideration during the building process.

Speaker wire, RG6, and Ethernet cable are all relatively inexpensive. As with anything else, there are premium options that can cost a lot, and the quality of cable does have an impact on performance, but pre-wiring a home for sound and video doesn’t cost all that much in the grand scheme of the home’s total cost. That being said, going in and running wire after the home is finished often requires cutting access holes in walls or ceilings, which results in patching drywall, painting, and other things that will cost much more than just pre-wiring for everything you think you may want in the beginning.

Try to think about how you will use the house when you are living your daily life. If you think you might eventually like to have a TV, speaker, touch panel, camera, or something else somewhere, go ahead and pull a wire for it. Even if you never do it, the next person who lives there may want to, and having a properly pre-wired house can add resale value.


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