Cable Concepts RG59 95% Br. 18AWG/2C Power Drain, 500 Ft


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1) Description
20 gauge (0.81mm) solid bare copper center conductor; gas expanded
PE dielectric; shield of bare copper braid wire; jacket of PVC;
with 18AWG/2C. Nominal coax O.D. 5.80mm. 
2) Physical Dimensions
Center Conductor:----------0.81+0.01mm Solid Bare Copper
Dielectric:---------------------3.66+0.05mm Foam PE
Braid Coverage:-------------95%X16X6X0.16+0.005mm Bare Copper Wire
Jacket(coax):-----------------5.80+0.05mm PVC
18AWG/2C:------------------7X0.3.86+0.01mm Stranded Bare Copper
Insulation:--------------------1.63+0.03mm Solid PE
Jacket (2C):------------------3.80+0.05mm PVC
3) Mechanical Characteristics
Operating Temperature Range:---------------20C To +75C
Max. Recommended Pulling Tension: ------68 lbs
Min. Bend Radius (Install):---------------------2.5 in. 
4) Electrical Characteristics
Sparker Test:------------------3000 VAC
Impedance:--------------------75+3 Ohm
Velocity of Propagation:----82%
SRL:-----------------------------20dB (10-300MHz) 100% Sweep Tested