Cable Concepts Cat5E Flooded / Outdoor, 4 Pr, 1000 Ft


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Twisted pair category 5e+, enhanced 350Mhz outdoor cable. 
High grade outdoor CAT5e cable, which has quickly become the most popular outdoor Ethernet cable in the world. The outer jacket is constructed with black polyethylene (PE), which is extremely durable and offers a very long product life with resistance against moisture, UV, grease, oils, and extreme temperatures. There are four pairs and each conductors insulation is also constructed of polyethylene. The cable is then flooded internally with grease which prevents any moisture buildup.

Using indoor grade category 5E cable in outdoor environments will deteriorate rapidly. Installation of indoor Cat5e cable inside a conduit does not make it outdoor suitable either. Conduits fill full of water and the cable will deteriorate rapidly. Therefore choosing a high quality cable with PE jacket, PE conductor insulation and jell-filled is extremely important. Now with CAT5E cable you can install an Ethernet cable outdoors without suffering network outages, keeping network reliability high and maintenance costs low. This cable can be direct buried. 


Gigabit ethernet 
155 Mb/s ATM 
100 Mb/s TP-PMD/CDDI 
Faster ethernet 

ANSI/TIA/EIA 568B.2 category 5e 
ICEA S-90-661 
NEWA low-loss extended frequency 
AS/NZS 3085.1 
ISO/IEC 11801 

PSUM crosstalk compliant 
Flexible jacket with ripcord strips cleanly and resists kinking 
Coextruded color stripe pairs for easy installation 
pairs for easy installation