Cable Concepts Plenum LVT Wire 18AWG 2 C. FT6, CUL, UTP, CMP, 1000 Ft. White


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Cable Concepts LVT Wire 18AWG 2 Conductor, Plenum, FT6, CUL, UTP, CMP, 1000 Ft. White

This cable can be used both indoor and outdoor, is (FT6) fire rated, but is NOT suitable for burial. This cable is Plenum, FT6, CUL, UTP, CMP approved.

Application: Used for power limited circuits such as thermostat, air conditioning and heating controls, heat pumps, bell and alarm systems, signal systems, intercom systems, door bells, remote control units where maximum voltage does not exceed 30 Volts.

 1) Description
18 Gauge, 2 Conductor solid bare copper, 0.010
Plenum, FT6, CUL, UTP, CMP
2) Physical Dimensions
Center Conductor: 1.02+0.01mm BC
Insulation: 1.53+0.02mm PVC
Thickness: 0.255mm
Color Code: Black & Red
Jacket: 3.96+0.05mm PVC
Thickness: 0.45mm
3) Mechanical Characteristics
Operating Temperature Range: 20 To +75
Installation Temperature Range: 0 To +60
 Voltage Rating: 30V
Capacitance: 26 pF/ft
DCR: 6.385 phms/1000ft @ 68°F